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Breaking Bad Breaking Bad

True or False?

Are you the one who knocks? Find out with this quiz about the critically acclaimed series that includes questions about the storyline, as well as behind the scenes trivia!

Category: TV

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Seen It? V Seen It? V

The Ultimate Movie Bucket List (2000-2014)

How many of these amazing must-see films have you seen?

Category: Movies

Questions: 40 Taken 16 times

The British Invasion The British Invasion

Are These Bands British or American?

Think you know music? Which of these bands crossed the pond and changed music forever?

Category: Music

Questions: 50 Taken 9 times


Classify the Characters

How well do you know LOST? Classify the characters to their origins on the island.

Category: TV

Questions: 40 Taken 48 times

Number One Debuts Number One Debuts

Billboard Hot 100 Number One Debuts

Can you name the artist's song that debuted at Number One on the Billboard Hot 100?

Category: Music

Questions: 20 Taken 12 times

Commonly Misspelled Words Commonly Misspelled Words

Are You Good at Spelling?

How many of these commonly misspelled words can you spell correctly?

Category: Other

Questions: 31 Taken 31 times

Mr. Robot Mr. Robot


delv3 1nt0 Ell1ot's m1nd and g0 back t0 s3as0n_1.0 0f mr.rob0t.

Category: TV

Questions: 15 Taken 155 times

Famous Superhero Quotes Famous Superhero Quotes

Who Said It?

Holy quotes, Batman! Superheroes are box office gold these days. If you, like so many, are a superhero fanatic, you should probably take this quiz!

Category: Movies

Questions: 16 Taken 11 times

Famous TV Moms Famous TV Moms

Match the Mom With the Actress

Visit the TV families you've grown to love, past and present, and match the actress to the mom!

Category: TV

Questions: 21 Taken 7 times