Better Call Saul Better Call Saul

Season One

Charming and shady... what more could you ask for in a lawyer? Travel back in time with Jimmy in his Suzuki Esteem and revisit season one!

Questions: 15 Taken 39 times

Better Call Saul Better Call Saul

Season Two

Continue traveling with Jimmy on his journey to becoming Saul Goodman with our season two quiz.

Questions: 15 Taken 20 times

Breaking Bad Breaking Bad

True or False?

Are you the one who knocks? Find out with this quiz about the critically acclaimed series that includes questions about the storyline, as well as behind the scenes trivia!

Questions: 28 Taken 212 times

Famous SNL Quotes Famous SNL Quotes

Who Said It?

Who said these famous quotes from Saturday Night Live?

Questions: 20 Taken 43 times

Famous TV Moms Famous TV Moms

Match the Mom With the Actress

Visit the TV families you've grown to love, past and present, and match the actress to the mom!

Questions: 21 Taken 9 times

Game of Thrones Game of Thrones

Who Rules the Territory?

Winter is coming... See if you know who rules these territories in Westeros.

Questions: 8 Taken 106 times

Game of Thrones: Dothraki Game of Thrones: Dothraki

Do You Speak Dothraki?

How fluent are you in the language of the Dothraki people from GoT? See if you can match the phrase to the English translation!

Questions: 20 Taken 24 times


Classify the Characters

How well do you know LOST? Classify the characters to their origins on the island.

Questions: 40 Taken 50 times

Mr. Robot Mr. Robot


delv3 1nt0 Ell1ot's m1nd and g0 back t0 s3as0n_1.0 0f mr.rob0t.

Questions: 15 Taken 159 times

Prison Break Prison Break

Michael and Friends Are Back!

More Prison Break is on the way! How much do you remember about seasons 1-4?

Questions: 20 Taken 283 times

Shark Tank Shark Tank

How Well Do You Know the Sharks?

Are you a fan of the hit show, "Shark Tank"? See if you have what it takes to swim with the Sharks or if you're just chum for the water.

Questions: 18 Taken 57 times

The Simpsons: Celebrity Guests The Simpsons: Celebrity Guests

How Simpsons Savvy Are You?

There have been hundreds of celebrity guests on The Simpsons. Can you separate the actual guests from the imposters?

Questions: 40 Taken 66 times

SNL Characters SNL Characters

Match the Character to the Actor

Can you match these legendary Saturday Night Live characters to the actors who portrayed them?

Questions: 31 Taken 34 times

SNL Hosts SNL Hosts

How Many Times?

As of April 2016, how many times have these celebrities hosted the iconic show Saturday Night Live?

Questions: 15 Taken 7 times

Supernatural Supernatural

Seasons 1-5

Are you a true Supernatural fan? See how well you remember the first 5 seasons of this long-running hit show!

Questions: 30 Taken 513 times

Supernatural Supernatural

Seasons 6-11

We know you love Supernatural! Test your knowledge with our second quiz covering seasons 6-11.

Questions: 36 Taken 307 times


Season One

What do you know about season one of Lifetime's hit summer show?

Questions: 15 Taken 236 times


Season Two

Can't get enough of this sizzlingly scandalous Lifetime show? Take our Season 2 quiz!

Questions: 23 Taken 115 times