Billboard Music Awards 2015 Billboard Music Awards 2015

Match the Winner to the Category

Do you remember these category winners from the 2015 Billboard Music Awards?

Questions: 31 Taken 2 times

The British Invasion The British Invasion

Are These Bands British or American?

Think you know music? Which of these bands crossed the pond and changed music forever?

Questions: 50 Taken 9 times

Britney Spears Britney Spears

How Well Do You Know Britney?

We've watched her transform from a teenage pop princess to a sexy, thirty-something star. How much do you really know about Britney Spears?

Questions: 18 Taken 14 times

Doo Wop Songs Doo Wop Songs

Who Sang the Song?

Can you match the Doo Wop group to the song?

Questions: 25 Taken 8 times

Green Day Green Day

Are You a Real Fan?

So, you think you're a Green Day fan? Take our quiz and find out! Rage and Love...

Questions: 21 Taken 1263 times

Green Day Album Match Green Day Album Match

Match the Song to the Album

This might be easy for you hardcore fans, but could be a bit more challenging for the rest of you. Match the song to the album and show your friends what a true Green Day fan you are!

Questions: 25 Taken 158 times

Hip Hop Artists Hip Hop Artists

Stage Name vs. Real Name

Guess the hip hop artist's real name.

Questions: 25 Taken 2 times

Jay Z Jay Z

Do You Know Jay Z?

So you think you know Hov? Take this quiz to find out!

Questions: 22 Taken 6 times

Number One Debuts Number One Debuts

Billboard Hot 100 Number One Debuts

Can you name the artist's song that debuted at Number One on the Billboard Hot 100?

Questions: 20 Taken 12 times

NY Rappers NY Rappers

Match the Rapper to the Borough

Do you know the NY borough from which each of these famous rap artists originates?

Questions: 20 Taken 2 times

Oldies Oldies

Who Sang the Song?

Are you an Oldies fan? See if all those coins in the jukebox paid off!

Questions: 30 Taken 2 times

Oldies Instrumentals Oldies Instrumentals

Who Played These Instrumental Hits?

Think you know oldies instrumentals? Try this challenging quiz and see how much you really know!

Questions: 25 Taken 1 time

Original Band Members: Classic Rock Original Band Members: Classic Rock

Who Doesn't Belong?

Who were the original band members in these famous classic rock bands? Eliminate the non-member.

Questions: 25 Taken 7 times

Ozzy Osbourne Ozzy Osbourne

What Do You Know About Ozzy?

Think you know the Prince of Darkness? Take this quiz... We dare you.

Questions: 23 Taken 4 times